Lake Ananthapura and its Vegetarian Crocodile Babiya.

Finally met the Divine crocodile BABIYA, perhaps the only vegetarian croc on this planet. Many devotees returned upset as they could not spot her but tadaaaaa…..lucky me 😉 . I shouted her name out loud and clear for about a minute and there she was…good girl!!

Babiya only eats the temple prasad and does not harm anyone, including the fish in the pond. The locals here say that she has been guarding the Ananthapadmanabha temple for more than 60 years!! and sometimes during the night she comes and sits near the temple guarding the deity.

This is the closest I have been to a crocodile. Just 10 to 15feet away and no fence or any other kind of protection for devotees.

She is free to move around anywhere and so can we!


The Mystery Surrounding A 5000 Years Old Temple.

Mahableshwar Temple

One of the lesser-known temples,the Krishnabai Temple, a hidden jewel in the state of Maharashtra(near Mahabaleshwar), is considered to be the origin of Krishna River. A muddy adventurous path leads to this aesthetic temple covered with green moss and tiny white flowers on its crown make it look like a beautiful bride! The pictures were taken about three years ago. I remember meeting a priest wearing regular shirt and trouser, performing the daily pooja of Shiva linga and Lord Krishna statue resting inside the sanctum. Intrigued by the aura of this lonely temple I wanted to learn more about this place…’I have a feeling that the temple is only half-dug up madam. Who knows? the place we are standing right now could be the top portion of temple’ said the priest before ending the half an hour conversation in his local language Marathi.

Well, whatever the story is, this place and the interaction with the priest did leave a lasting imprint on my mind and heart!!

Mahableshwar Temple

River Krishna Falling From The Mouth Of The Cow

Mahableshwar Temple

Way To Krishnabai Temple